DevBricks is a revolutionary AI-driven tool designed to enhance the development process for businesses of all sizes.

User stories and autonomous API generation

Get more from your user stories. Our inbuilt user story analysis feature provides detailed suggestions and requirements to all front-end users before submitting requests. This ensures that your development team receives consistent, relevant and accurate information every time.

Unlock the full potential of your development team with DevBricks' autonomous API generation feature. This powerful tool generates basic API from your user stories, sending the finalised code straight to your development team

Customisation and reports

With DevBricks, you can ensure that every request meets your business needs. Our fully customizable back-end allows your developers to select the necessary bricks and formats for DevBricks to export. This ensures that the final product is always tailored to your specific requirements.

Transform the way your team collaborates with DevBricks. Integrate into your preferred communication platforms, such as Slack and MS Teams, to provide daily stand-ups. Stay up-to-date with the software's progress and ensure that your team is all on the same page with our automated chat bot. Supplying daily reports on set tasks and any issues it may be facing, DevBricks ensures that your development team has complete control of the entire process.


User stories

DevBricks accelerates the process of translating user stories (i.e. the information describing desired software outcomes for your business) to high-quality code.


DevBricks boosts quality assurance capabilities by running health checks, integration, performance and unit tests over your existing code base.


Coming soon! Automate best practice UI and front-end development tasks from generating wireframes, SVGs, and front-end code to incorporating user experience considerations for your target audience.


Coming soon! Generate pristine documentation on the fly.

How does it work?

Bricks icon Bricks

Bricks are a collection of artifacts that help to define the approach to building technology systems in Azure DevOps and Jira. These contain user stories, technology selections, test plans and more.

Blueprints icon Blueprints

Blueprints are the culmination of the user story with the selected technology bricks. All of these items together form a blueprint that defines what we expect the outcome to be, and are built from the user story stored in Azure DevOps or Jira.​

Build icon Build

The build is the end product. When DevBricks runs it uses the bricks and the blueprint to create code ready for developers to implement – ultimately, the solution.​

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